Lightning 2.0: More Claps, Peals, Rolls and Rumbles

We’ve just put 2 new lightning scenes into The Lab for you to try out. Lightning 2.0 blows Lightning 1.0 out of the sky in quality of lighting animation and variety of lightning strikes and thunder sounds.

We source our sounds from respected audio engineers and naturalists. And we’ve created sound clips and lighting animations to match the science of thunder and lighting.

… sounds of thunder fall into categories based on loudness, duration, and pitch.[2] Claps are loud sounds lasting 0.2 to 2 seconds and containing higher pitches. Peals are sounds changing in loudness and pitch. Rolls are irregular mixtures of loudness and pitches. Rumbles are less loud, last for longer (up to more than 30 seconds), and of low pitch.


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By having a deeper variety within a category it allow the storm to feel more immersive and real. And it allowed us to create a more distant, soft “Sunset Lightning” and a more immediate and close-striking “Night Lighting.” Enjoy!