Music Pulse: Beats for Your Lights!

Update: as of version 2.2.9 Music Pulse is out of The Lab and in its own album.

This week in THE LAB we’ve got 5 scenes designed to flash along to your favorite music. We’ve had “Color Pulse” and “White Strobe” in the app for a long time. But these have very fast fixed rate and don’t match the rhythm of many songs. Our animation engine is very flexible and we decided give it some exercise with these 5 new scenes.

Here are the 5 music pulse beats.

Here are the 5 music pulse beats.

Each scene has a preset number of light flashes per minute. Each is designed to match with music that has the same beats per minute (BPM). This is a very simple form of music sync, where you select a scene with a flashing rate that looks best with your music.

At some point in the future OnSwitch will have automatic music sync that will match your music’s beats precisely.

Here are some links to music on Youtube you can pair with Music Pulse scenes to get the full music sync effect.

85 BPM

100 BPM

120 BPM

150 BPM

250 BMP

Have fun, OnSwitchers!