Lights Out! Turn off your lights with style!

This week in THE LAB, we’ve added 5 stylish ways to shut off your lights! We did this for 2 reasons: 1) it’s 10x more fun than the regular OFF button. 2) They give OnSwitch’s Siri Shortcuts a way to turn off the lights in any room, zone or group.

The first 5 “Lights Out” options.

The first 5 “Lights Out” options.

Some of Our Thinking

The idea for Lights Off was proposed by our development lead as a way to make Siri Shortcut able to turn off the lights using the same user experience we just released for scenes. This not only made it quicker for us to deliver a solution for turning off the lights, but opened up a world of possibilities for OnSwitch to making turning OFF your lights as stylish and fun as our “On” scenes are.

We wanted to have the basics in there like Instant off and a quick fade out. But since our users love the long 8 second fade out we have in Home Theater we wanted to add a nice long one in there as an option. Something you can click at night for example, and it gives you enough time to jump into bed while there’s light in the room.

We also added sounds to these scenes so they give you a definitive sound when you click them or invoke them with a Siri shortcut. But long fades can be a little confusing so we added a second sound at the end of the fade.

What’s Next?

This set of 5 in THE LAB is just the beginning. We plan to create many of these. Let us know your ideas you have for new Lights Out! scenes!