Home Theater, explained

OnSwitch 1.1.2 is now available and brings iPad support as well as new lighting scenes for your Home Theater!

We worked on those scene's colors and animations to make your living room feel as much like a real movie theater as possible.

1/Lights Down
Watch a few trailers before you start the night's movie, then dim the lights with the Lights Down scene!
The lights stay on at a very dim level to optimize the color fidelity of the movie (color temperature of 6500K). Try watching 10 minutes of your favorite show with these lights, and with the lights off, and you should see the difference!

You can find movie trailers here.

I can't watch "The Seven Samurai" without taking a break!
The lights slowly turn on and stay red, until you turn the Lights Down again.
This color is optimized for you to be able to see, but without the lights being too bright. That way your eyes stay adapted to the dark room, and you don't feel like you just woke up when you turn on the lights!

3/Lights Up
The lights slowly turn up. The movie is over. Did the good guys win, or did the zombies take over?
Back to real life!

Further reading: http://www.cepro.com/article/6_lighting_ideas_for_home_theaters/